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Intellectual Property has always been our passion...


This law firm was found on belief that everyone is entitled to a high-quality, professional and affordable legal help with their trademark needs. Having substantial working experience at traditional law firms, we intentionally avoided their outdated corporate structure and working style, resulting in which allows us to deliver superior value for clients in a cost- effective manner. We are truly committed to be your final choice law firm to develop a strong long-term strategy to strengthen and protect you ideas in today's business world.

We believe that your legal matters should be handled promptly and efficiently to achieve a solution, while building a relationship based on trust, efficiency, and of course, results. We can do it so efficiently and by showing the level of dedication only a small law firm can provide. We are committed to economic, social and environmental sustainability, and have implemented a policy that benefits employees, customers, business partners and communities all at the same time. Our experienced support staff, aided by state-of-the-art software, ensure that we remain efficient and up to date. Consistent with our professional highest ethical standards, we are the definition of a client service driven organization.

One of the overriding principles upon which our firm is founded, is the strong belief that realistic, affordable attorney fees for clients are a must. That is why flat fees are available for the majority of our services. We have over twenty years of combined experience in trademarks and believe that your legal matters should be handled promptly and efficiently to achieve a solution, while building a long-term relationship based on trust, efficiency, and of course, results.

Members of our practice have licenses in New York, Illinois, Washington and Michigan. Our practice is limited to federal intellectual property law, which nowadays provides the main, and by large the most extensive source of protection of your intellectual property assets. Members of our firm are not licensed to practice law in Florida and may not provide advice in regard to Florida law.

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